Whats been on my playlist this last week? #19

Carlos Santana - The Swing Of Delight (1980)

The Swing Of Delight

A decent collection of mellow latin instrumental songs with jazz influences. You can’t really go a lot wrong with this.

Blind Faith - Blind Faith (1969)

Blind Faith

A cracking bluesy, folky progressive rock album from a pretty early supergroup. Unfortunately you have to ignore that ugly and controversial cover. I mean a topless 12 year old (I think) holding a plane which looks like something else. What were they thinking?

Derek And The Dominos - Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs (1970)


Classic blues which is a little too long for it’s own good and contains a bit of filler. Still worth a listen though, and who doesn’t like Layla?

Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton (1970)

Eric Clapton

Fairly inoffensive blues rock/pop, that just seems a little too watered down.


Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects - Missing Time

Simply mind blowing.


Kevin Kilbane raps Ice Ice Baby to Irish fans at Euro 2012.

I have new found respect for this man.


Download 2012!

Despite this been by far the muddiest, wettest and coldest festival I’ve been too (well, I went on Wednesday and it only started drying up late afternoon on Saturday), it was also the best festival I’ve ever been to.

So many of the bands were fantastic, but my personal highlight had to be Sabbath. They just killed it, playing their all time classics with energy and absolute precision. Ozzy was on fine form, working the crowd and sounding just like he always did. The same could be said for Geezer, Tony and the stand in drummer who did a fine job. 

Other highlights included The Prodigy, Metallica, Skindred and Kyuss Lives who were all brilliant as well.

None band highlights/memories included our heated debate with some Black Veil Brides fans (long story with a rather odd/funny conclusion which is now a new catchphrase amongst me and my gig mates), our gameboy Pokemon tournament, discovering a little cafe nearby (well-ish) to the site which did huge full english breakfast’s for £4.50 and going nuts to a Sabbath with a random Southerner who turned out to be rather cool & has added me and my gig mates on Facebook. 

So all in all I had a fantastic time, and I’m still recovering a bit! Thankfully I’m off work all week for that exact reason.

Hopefully next years lineup turns out to be just as good and we end up going again next year. They have one headliner booked already, hopefully it’s Maiden doing a Maiden england set. That would make me jizz.

The backpack to end all backpacks.

Finally all packed for Download! Bring it on.

The backpack to end all backpacks.

Finally all packed for Download! Bring it on.


Whats been on my playlist this last week? #18

Eric Clapton - 461 Ocean Boulevard (1974)

461 Ocean Boulevard

I think the cover sums up the content of this album well. A laid back sunny album with the palm tree hinting at something more exotic. It’s very smooth, so you can just chill out to it. It does have it’s dull moments though, and people expecting Clapton to go crazy with bluesy riffs and solo’s will be disappointed.

Santana - Santana III (1971)


Latin infused blues which will give you the urge to release your inner latino. Fun and funky.

Carlos Santana - Oneness: Silver Dreams, Golden Reality (1979)


Much more reflective than his stuff with Santana, here he embraces his religion and spirituality for something of a personal journey. It makes for good listening too.

Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland (1968)

Electric Ladyland

Not my favourite Hendrix album, but this is still an absolute classic. Here Hendrix and his band push the boundaries of blues and psychedelia, indulging in almost every experiment imaginable and sticking it on one disc.


The greatest .gif of all time.

I don’t normally reblog, but this is frigging awesome.

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Whats been on my playlist this last week? #17

Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard Of Ozz (1980)

Blizzard of ozz

Not quite the classic it’s made out for me. Sure, there’s some classic songs on here but the rest of is just decent heavy metal/hard rock songs.

Black Label Society - Stronger Than Death (2000)

Stronger than death

I wasn’t too impressed with Mafia, but this is a huge improvement. There’s a lot less focus on ballads and more focus on big riffs. The songs themselves won’t win any prizes for intelligent lyrics or originality, but if you just want some great southern-styled metal this is for you. Even the ballads aint half bad. 

Machine Head - Unto The Locust (2011)

Unto the locust

Machine Head have improved as a band for me, and this is another showcase for decent, modern metal. They still don’t blow me away but this is pretty solid.

Slayer - South Of Heaven (1988)

South of heaven

Sandwiched between Rib and Sita, this one always gets unfairly overlooked. The truth is this is almost as big a classic as either of those albums. It’s consistent, perfectly balanced and contains so many excellent Slayer tracks. Only the two previously mentioned albums better this, and it’s not by much.

This album rules.

This album rules.