Friends in far away places.

I kinda thought to myself earlier how few friends I have in my hometown city of Hull.

For some reason all my friends seem to be in other places in Britain. My main socialising seems to happen at gigs/football and without those I actually do very little socialising.

Having friends in far away places can be cool sometimes because you get to make epic trips to see them and it really feels special. 

Unfortunately, it can also suck balls when you just wanna do something but there’s nobody local to hang around with.

With the football season now over and not a great deal going on with gigs, my weekends have consisted of me doing nothing (i.e Internet, music, maybe a film and probably talking to people online). This can be nice, but after a while it gets boring as fuck.

I’m not quite sure what the point of this post was, because I don’t want people to worry or feel sorry for me really.

Maybe I need a new hobby, maybe something that actually drags me away from mt laptop.