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Despite this been by far the muddiest, wettest and coldest festival I’ve been too (well, I went on Wednesday and it only started drying up late afternoon on Saturday), it was also the best festival I’ve ever been to.

So many of the bands were fantastic, but my personal highlight had to be Sabbath. They just killed it, playing their all time classics with energy and absolute precision. Ozzy was on fine form, working the crowd and sounding just like he always did. The same could be said for Geezer, Tony and the stand in drummer who did a fine job. 

Other highlights included The Prodigy, Metallica, Skindred and Kyuss Lives who were all brilliant as well.

None band highlights/memories included our heated debate with some Black Veil Brides fans (long story with a rather odd/funny conclusion which is now a new catchphrase amongst me and my gig mates), our gameboy Pokemon tournament, discovering a little cafe nearby (well-ish) to the site which did huge full english breakfast’s for £4.50 and going nuts to a Sabbath with a random Southerner who turned out to be rather cool & has added me and my gig mates on Facebook. 

So all in all I had a fantastic time, and I’m still recovering a bit! Thankfully I’m off work all week for that exact reason.

Hopefully next years lineup turns out to be just as good and we end up going again next year. They have one headliner booked already, hopefully it’s Maiden doing a Maiden england set. That would make me jizz.

In other news :-D

In other news :-D


Friends in far away places.

I kinda thought to myself earlier how few friends I have in my hometown city of Hull.

For some reason all my friends seem to be in other places in Britain. My main socialising seems to happen at gigs/football and without those I actually do very little socialising.

Having friends in far away places can be cool sometimes because you get to make epic trips to see them and it really feels special. 

Unfortunately, it can also suck balls when you just wanna do something but there’s nobody local to hang around with.

With the football season now over and not a great deal going on with gigs, my weekends have consisted of me doing nothing (i.e Internet, music, maybe a film and probably talking to people online). This can be nice, but after a while it gets boring as fuck.

I’m not quite sure what the point of this post was, because I don’t want people to worry or feel sorry for me really.

Maybe I need a new hobby, maybe something that actually drags me away from mt laptop.


What a whirlwind few weeks.

Life really can be one hell of a ride can’t it? All this working with high flyers came out of nowhere. It was hard work but ultimately a lot of fun. I don’t like to boast, but I think I deserve a pat on the back.

The all expenses paid stuff might have just have been enough of a reward though I guess!




I haven’t been on much.

I’ve had such a busy week at work. I had a meeting with our biggest customer and had to show (along with a colleague) what the problems were with the system they’ve invested millions into. We of course had to put this across in a constructive manner which was a challenge. I was pretty nervous but we did well under the circumstances. We raised lots of issues and we’ve received good feedback, which is nice. I’ve surprised myself on how well I coped and for once I’m actually proud of myself. I probably won’t be on much next week, cause I’ve got another few meetings.

I apoligise for the deep, personal stuff recently that probably won’t mean a lot to my followers but Tumblr is the only place I feel I can post fairly lengthy stuff which relates to me without some sort of judgement from other people close to me.


It’s amazing…

What a difference to your mindset a good football game/result can make.

Too many times recently we’ve just shown no fight whatsoever.

When you’ve had a stressful week at work and your only plan is to part with hard earned money to watch your team who then let you down immensely week after week, it’s incredibly frustrating.

When you watch a good game of football, it can be an escape from the trials and tribulations of every day life.

I’ve got a huge week at work coming up, with an incredibly important meeting with our most important customer. I’m nervous but thanks to the football I’m going to be tackling it with a smile on my face and a positive mindset.

So thank you football for helping remove my frustrations with work. I can look forward to the challenge ahead and let’s just say bring it on!

Sorry about the essay, just needed to get it off my chest.


My addiction to RedBubble goes on…

Just bought these.

Lemmy Tee

Kyuss Tee

V Tee

Bill Hicks Tee


The amount of money I can shell out on this website is frightening.

Aww, I’m starving. I didn’t have any breakfast cause I was playing COD. You can’t beat a bit of COD in a morning

Random Schoolkid on my bus.

On one hand I think eat some breakfast you moron. On the other I think dedication.